Vinil forever

Recent developments in audio industry change the way we perceive technological progress. Vinyl records which seemed to fall into oblivion forever, suddenly returned with a vengeance - their sales are growing year after year. The fact that we are living in the digital age makes this phenomenon all the more surprising. So, what is the secret of vinyl's unexpected rebirth?

The main advantage of gramophone record resides in its analogue nature. Sound waves are transformed into electrical impulses which are used to draw grooves on the record's surface. These grooves in their turn enable a phono cartridge to read the impulses and turn them into sound waves again. Then what is so special about this seemingly straightforward process? The most important feature of analogue sound recording seems to be the fact that the nature of its sound signal as a continuous wave remains intact.

Hence the conclusion: vinyl record is in demand as before because it still sounds more natural than any digital source.

To explore vinyl record's full potential a high-class phono stage is essential. The Senta Phono Stage from Etalon Sound is based - in compliance with our principles - on some atypical solutions unavailable for our competitors. For example, unique Double Ring capacitors hand-made in our laboratory out of litz wire are installed in the corrector circuits. These capacitors are wound using a special True Symmetry 'symmetrizing' technology.

We understand and honor the respect the connoisseurs of natural sound treat vinyl with. That's the exact reason why the Senta Phono Stage from Etalon Sound is designed. It will make your gramophone records sound the way you've never heard before.

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