We believe, the most advanced headphones are planar-magnetic type (isodynamic), which combine the advantages of both electrostatic and dynamic systems. On one hand, they ensure clean and detailed sound like electrostatic transducer, and on the other - exhibit a dynamic driver strong nature. The first planar magnetic headphones appeared about 40 years ago. Then they were slightly forgotten, and now we see the triumphant return of this technology at a new level.

We conducted a careful selection among isodynamic headphones that would more fully reveal the capabilities of our equipment. Kennerton Odin headphones happened to be the ones. These headphones were adopted with our True Symmetry cables. Now there is a Special Edition type of headphones.

The diameter of the emitter is 80 mm, the magnetic system consists of 10 neodymium magnets, having a symmetrical arrangement. Driver demonstrates a high sensitivity due to the low mass of the diaphragm, the effective magnetic system and a special design.

The headphones housing is made of wood with two finishes, earpads - handmade soft sheepskin leather. In the headband is also used a finishing leather.

Model of open type, full-length, fitted with removable cables with connectors or TRS Mini XLR

If we talk about the quality of the headphones sound, then, in general, it can be described with the following words - realistic and natural, balanced and easy.

We especially underline the coordinated work of Kennerton Odin SE headphone with our DreamDAC. The converter design based on SuperR2R technology allows you to connect headphones to the unit directly without a separate or built-in headphone amplifier and pre-amplifier. This is achieved due to low output impedance of the transmitter and the unique synchronous controller of the new type with volume regulator.

Bundle "DreamDAC- Headphones" shows the outstanding sound quality. This is understandable, because the sound section excludes extra gain stages that inevitably add noise and distortion. For the first time we received the shortest possible audio path: source - DAC - headphones.

Main specifications:

  • Acoustic design: Open
  • Speaker Type: Magnetic planar (isodynamic)
  • Frequency range, Hz: 15-50000
  • Impedance, Ohm: 40
  • Cables: TrueSymmetry, removable
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