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At the heart of the revolutionary digital-to-analog converter are several inventions made, by experts of the research laboratory Wagner Audio. The sound quality of the DAC surpasses the most daring expectations, that's why we named it Dream DAC!

DreamDAC digital to analogue converters are based on unique patented SuperR2R and TUC technologies.

DreamDAC features:

  • PLD-based USB module with a new algorithm for I2S signal shaping;
  • High-precision clock generator (femto clock) and data buffer;
  • Fully balanced circuitry, from R2R-arrays up to the output stages;
  • Twelve R2R-arrays, six in each channel;
  • Ability to work without a preamp; synchronous volume control of a new type;
  • A new algorithm for low amplitude signals processing;
  • Galvanic decoupling between analogue and digital circuits of the converter;
  • Connections and winding elements (transformers, coils etc.) are made with True Symmetry wire;
  • Power supply with Double Ring wire capacitors;
  • High-class component sincl. Neutrik sockets and custom-made high-precision wire resistors;
  • Cabinet with high dumping properties; it's milled out of a single aluminum block;
  • Remote control and touch screen controls;
  • Manual assembly, testing and tuning.

In an effort to provide to a signal that passes through the audio path, a so called "green light", our company's specialists implement a method of components seamless connection.


Converted formats, PCM: 16 - 24 bits/44.1 - 192 kHz

Digital inputs:

  • 2xOptical (Toslink);
  • Coax.: 1xRCA (S/PDIF); 1xXLR (AES/EBU);
  • USB;
  • I2S

Analogue output: variable balanced symmetric - 1 pair of XLRs, asymmetric - 1 pair of RCA (additional option).

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