Etalon Sound produces several different types of cables, that are able to fully comply with high-quality sound path. The cables are manufactured with its own innovative technology True Symmetry and were originally developed for professional use. Cables design was improved for a number of years. All of the cables were tested according to the procedure of sound quality evaluation.

Cables Features:

  • symmetrized cables technology True Symmetry;
  • material - copper litz;
  • conductor cross-section and cable design - depending on the destination;
  • high-quality Neutrik connectors with gold plated contacts;
  • handmade.

Interconnect cables

  • balanced with XLR-connectors Neutrik

Speaker cables with XLR connectors

  • the original design: 5-pin XLR Neutrik connectors are used instead of the usual "bananas" and "blade". It provides a high quality connection and reliability: five parallel contact with a maximum current of 3 A to 15 A.

Headphone Cables

Digital cables

  • balanced with XLR-connectors Neutrick.

Cables for the arm

  • balanced with XLR-connectors Neutrick.
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