The Sound of Presence


An ideal audio system - does it exist? We often hear the phrase "live sound", but in fact we face only a conditional copy of the real sound. It is the time to move to a new level of audio equipment sounding.

Etalon Sound company presents a technological breakthrough, based on a symbiosis of perfected technologies of the past and the present innovations. We produce everything you need to realize your dream of an ideal sound: DreamDAC, Senta phono stage, TrueAmp amplifier, Metropolitan and Mariinsky acoustic systems, cables.

The quality of our equipment is guaranteed by the only possible objective method of the sound evaluation. It involves an international conductor, who himself creates live music and is an impartial sound quality connoisseur.


We believe, that only the one, who listens to live music day after day with all its fullness and sound variety, can judge the sound quality of this or that audio system. The orchestra conductor hears every instrument, every shade and nuance during the concert, and it is him, who is the most objective in assessing the sound reproduction.

To get an unprecedented assessment, which can really be trusted, we invited not just an experienced and famous, but one of the most celebrated conductors of our time.

Our expert is maestro Jader Bignamini, the assistant of Riccardo Chailly.

"My work is to understand and to convey the composer's intention. My pleasure is in the beauty of the orchestra sounding. I can reach it during the performance. But it is very hard to pass it to listeners outside the hall.

After "Manon Lescaut" rehearsal at the Bolshoi Theater, I was asked to evaluate the opera recording. I really liked the naturalness of the sound and the sense of presence in the hall. I again felt myself behind the conductor's panel at the Bolshoi Theater.

Thanks to Etalon Sound equipment I have the opportunity to visit any theater in the world.

Now all the brightness of emotions from live music is available to you with the sound quality of Etalon Sound."

Jader Bignamini


Proper realization
of innovative developments

Our partner Wagner Audio Lab (WALab) is a laboratory for the research, development and production of prototypes of the best sound quality ever. The motto of WALab is "we believe we create the best." Etalon Sound shares the ambition and philosophy of the research laboratory. It is engaged in production and implementation of the recent developments of WALab.

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