A book called “Stereo Pravda – A Politically Incorrect Review Of High End Audio” was just published in Russian by Time Machine publishing house from Saint Petersburg (an English translation is pending).

The book is an investigation on the history of High End Audio, its ideology, the various techniques of its different strains, its new arising technologies and it is an attempt to predict the future of the industry.

Also, the book provides some very practical useful tips on selecting the audio equipment according to the concrete needs of the customers.
I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is genuinely interested in high performance audio.

Despite the book is written by our Marketing Director, we are absolutely sure that there is no conflict of interests involved when Misha mentions Etalon Sound in its text and provides some descriptions of our activities.

This is why, as a General Manager of Etalon Sound, I would like to express my highest gratitude to the author for not being so afraid of being accused of some, in this case, bogus political incorrectness, as to completely exclude our company’s activities from the book.

We sincerely believe that Misha’s bringing the subject of our company’s technologies in the content of the discussions in his book does provide some objective value for its general content.

Oleg Volchok, General Manager

Etalon Sound




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