Etalon Sound’s engineers are never short of ideas they want to put their hands on.

The results of their latest efforts are some of the first prototypes of the ES Amp, which were recently built and tested.

It’s going to be a push-pull tubed amplifier targeted at dedicated vacuum tube lovers. This 40 W fully balanced amplifier implements the same “SuperT” transformer voltage gain stage as our “TruAmp”, thus fully complying with our fundamental concept of the shortest signal path possible. The legendary Russian 6C33C power vacuum triodes, which are used in its output stage, will operate in true class A.


Also, the final touchdowns on “TruAmp” are close to their completion.

Etalon Sound 250 W “TruAmp” monoblocks are almost finished in their development and they passed all the tests on our workbench.

To reiterate what’s so unique about “TruAmp” and why it’s so “true” to the signal we’d like to briefly mention its main features: the shortest signal path possible and the meticulous choice of component and materials used. Additionally, a very small amount of negative feedback is being used, and, finally, the mono amplifiers are fully balanced – all the way, from the inputs to the outputs.

“TruAmp”’s design utilize only two stages of amplification; moreover, first one is passive. The latter is what we call “SuperT transformer”. It provides the necessary signal voltage gain without distorting and limiting the amplitude-frequency response at the lowest and highest audio frequencies (as the most of the conventional step-up transformers do).

The “SuperT”’s outstanding performance is achieved via applying a unique nanocrystalline iron alloy for its core. This cutting edge alloy vastly outperforms any ferrites, different iron alloys and even Permalloy in the magnetic permeability. Because the number of turns in the transformer is quite small, this “SuperT” feature allows us to minimize the transformer core’s dimensions, which, in its turn, leads to a much smaller flux leakage, stray capacitance and resistive losses in its windings. Additionally, the shape of “SuperT” transformer itself and “Symmetrized” litz wire used in its windings provide the further improvement of its properties compared to the ones demonstrated by conventional transformers of similar weight and size.

The output stage is a unity gain current amplifier operating in AB mode. It’s built with powerful MOSFET transistors of “lateral” structure. The latter devices do have a lot more linear transconductance to drain current rate than “vertical” MOSFETs, and the designs applying them are widely recognized as very “musical” ones. On top of it, the output MOSFETs for any production sample of “TruAmp” are meticulously hand matched with some very strict tolerances.

To conclude, the “TrueAmp” monoblock amplifier recently went through a set of multiple strict auditionings in some top-notch audio systems, and the experts’ verdict: the sound of the amplifier is truly magnificent.




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