Etalon Sound’s mission is
«To Transfer the High End Audio’s Old and Proven Values to a New Platform». 

By “New Platform”, we mean our determination to stay open minded about both all the true accomplishments of the high performance audio’s past, and, on top of it, our determination to stay open minded about all the changes, which recently took place in technologies, demography, economics, life style, distribution of music, etc.

Our company is a “metier”-type business, which manufactures a unique state of artline of home electronics and speakers.

We apply our quarter of century’s worth of “hardcore” audiophile legacy and many years of serious music recording experience to design and execution of our products, which we want to position within the most up-to-date contexts of elevated demand.


MHES 2018

Rocky Mountain Show 2019


+44 (0) 208 133 3892 (UK, London)
+7 (916) 302 08 87 (Russia, Moscow)


UK, London, Kensington and Chelsea
Russia, Moscow, Electrozavodskaya str., 21

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