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company presents a technological breakthrough, based on a symbiosis of perfected technologies of the past and the present innovations. We produce everything you need to realize your dream of an ideal sound: DreamDAC, TrueAmp amplifier, Metropolitan and Mariinsky acoustic systems. The quality of our equipment is guaranteed by the only possible objective method of the sound evaluation. It involves an international conductor, who himself creates live music and is an impartial sound quality connoisseur.

Sound As It Should Be

We believe, that only the one, who listens to live music day after day with all its fullness and sound variety, can judge the sound quality of this or that audio system. The orchestra conductor hears every instrument, every shade and nuance during the concert, and it is him, who is the most objective in assessing the sound reproduction. To get an unprecedented assessment, which can really be trusted, we invited not just an experienced and famous, but one of the most celebrated conductors of our time.

We are opening a new science facility and a new manufacture.
Our best sophisticated and successful technical solutions comes
to a innovative level with new materials and production quality.  
We are not in a search of perfection, we are building perfection.
New product range will be announced quite soon!


Dream DAC digital to analogue converters are based on unique patented SuperR2R.

The sound quality of the DAC surpasses the most daring expectations,
that’s why we named it Dream DAC

  • PLD-based USB module with a new algorithm for I2S signal shaping
  • High-precision clock generator (femto clock) and data buffer
  • Fully balanced circuitry, from R2R-arrays up to the output stages
  • Twelve R2R-arrays, six in each channel
  • Ability to work without a preamp; synchronous volume control of a new type
  • A new algorithm for low amplitude signals processing
  • Galvanic decoupling between analogue and digital circuits of the converter
  • Connections and winding elements (transformers, coils etc.) are made with True Symmetry wire
  • Power supply with Double Ring wire capacitors
  • High-class component sincl. Neutrik sockets and custom-made high-precision wire resistors
  • Cabinet with high dumping properties; it’s milled out of a single aluminum block
  • Remote control and touch screen controls

Converted formats, PCM: 16 — 24 bits/44.1 — 192 kHz

Digital inputs:

  • 2xOptical (Toslink)
  • Coax: 1xRCA (S/PDIF) 1xXLR (AES/EBU)
  • USB
  • I2S

Analogue output: variable balanced symmetric — 1 pair of XLRs,

asymmetric — 1 pair of RCA (additional option)



Our expert is maestro Jader Bignamini,
the assistant of Riccardo Chailly:

"My work is to understand and to convey the composer's intention. My pleasure is in the beauty of the orchestra sounding. I can reach it during the performance. But it is very hard to pass it to listeners outside the hall. After "Manon Lescaut" rehearsal at the Bolshoi Theater, I was asked to evaluate the opera recording. I really liked the naturalness of the sound and the sense of presence in the hall. I again felt myself behind the conductor's panel at the Bolshoi Theater. Thanks to Etalon Sound equipment I have the opportunity to visit any theater in the world. Now all the brightness of emotions from live music is available to you with the sound quality of Etalon Sound."

Jader Bignamini

Our philosophy says a low frequency amplifier should be only balanced. Here we comment in brief. A normal (unbalanced) signal is transmitted by two conductors. One is a signal conductor, the other is a ground one. This signaling method is different by implementation simplicity, but it cannot withstand interferences. In contrast, a balanced signal uses three conductors: two signal conductors (direct and inverse), and one ground. As the result of subtracting from the direct signal of the inverse one, the phase interferences, induced on such a line, are compensated, and the useful signal is increased in amplitude twice. That is why a balanced connection has two main advantages: the ability to transmit signals over long distances (200 meters or more) and increased interferences immunity. These features of the balanced connection explain its use in professional and consumer audio equipment of high class. A third advantage is much less known: balanced circuit can significantly reduce the harmonic distortion (due to the compensation of even harmonics).

In a properly assembled balanced amplifier circuit harmonics can be reduced of 10, and using specially selected elements — up to 100 times! We know, that many manufacturers use a symmetric XLR interface. However, upon closer inspection, it often turns out that it is rather a formality. And the components, declared to be balanced, substantially are not. The existence of balanced inputs and outputs does not guarantee that the scheme located within is balanced. Rather often after the input the signal is converted from balanced to unbalanced, amplified or somehow still treated by the asymmetric circuit and before the output is converted again — from unbalanced to balanced.
As a result, this approach negates all the advantages of a balanced circuit design. 
It should be noted that not only amplifiers, but all components, manufactured by Etalon Sound are of balanced circuit.
And the principle of the balanced analog converter circuit starts with the digital part, which is extremely rare.


In an effort to provide to a signal that passes through the audio path, a so called "Green Light",
our company's specialists implement a method of components seamless connection.

The amplifier represents a merger of the advanced achievements developed
in the history of the HI-FI era

  • Fully balanced circuitry from input to output
  • Circuit without a common feedback
  • Field MOSFET-transistors
  • Interconnection and winding elements are True Symmetry wires
  • Power supply with wire condensers Double Ring
  • High-quality electronic components, including connectors WBT and Neutrik
  • Housing with high damping properties
  • Manual assembly, testing and tuning

Monoblock True Mono 200

  • 200 W output power

Monoblock True Mono 400

  • 400 W output power



Many years of experience in making speakers, mathematical modeling of sound processes and a special technique
of sound quality evaluation predetermined the appearance of unique loudspeakers.
While mathematical modeling helps to set the required parameters of speakers, acoustic design and separation filters,
the proper method allows to assess the sound quality in the most accurate way.
We managed to create a very advanced design of the speaker, which was called Siegfried after the main character of Wagner opera.
The main features of this design (Diffusor holder with two stiffeners of noble metal, paper cone, NEOMAX magnet, layered voice coil, etc.)
with some modifications applied in all types of speakers: in the bass, mid and high frequency ones.

ACOUSTIC SYSTEM: metropolitan

Metropolitan is intended primarily for use in medium and large rooms with volume
up to 500 cubic meters

  • 3-way speaker closed type
  • 3 separate housing with different acoustic design
  • 4 dynamic speakers Siegfried
  • A special crossover design
  • Internal wiring is made by symmetrized litz wire True Symmetry
  • In separation filters are used the Double Ring capacitors
  • Veneer finish (precious tree species)
  • Manual assembly, testing and tuning


Metropolitan flagship model, which has the widest frequency response in the bass and treble, allowing a virtually natural sound that's as close to the sound of a real orchestra.


  • 3-way speakers closed type
  • 4 dynamic speakers Siegfried
  • Separation filters of the first order
  • Internal wiring in litz
  • Connectable with SUPERTWEETER unit
  • Veneer finish (precious tree species)
  • Manual assembly, testing and tuning
  • Recommended amplifier power: 100-400 W
  • Three bass / midrange 8″ and one high frequency 4″ drivers
  • Sensitivity: 93 dB
  • Nominal impedance: 6 ohms
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1450 x 270 x 430 mm
  • Weight of one AS: 75 kg


Acoustic system Mariinsky is smaller, but it sounds similar to the flagship model Metropolitan.


You can buy separately any Etalon Sound audio component you are interested in.
However, to realize all the ideas embodied in our equipment, you ought to have a complete set.

We ensure that the quality of the sound with our audio set is fully consistent with declared high level.
Within other audio systems it is difficult to achieve a proper matching of components.
And components need to comply for proper operation of the equipment.
For example, our amplifiers are fully compatible with speakers,
and the input of the amplifier, in turn, is agreed to the sound source.

In a system, consisting entirely of Etalon Sound products,
a very high sound quality is guaranteed by evaluation methodic.

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